Coaching in Somatic
Developmental Psychology

Facilitating Transformation for Mental Health Professionals: Personalized Coaching and Support for Personal Growth and Enhanced Practice

Personal Sessions

Specializing on working through the lens of somatic developmental psychology, the focus here is on addressing your individual needs and personal issues. Through a unique blend of body awareness and psychological exploration, you will be guided and supported to create a deep connection to your inner self and develop your unique individuality. With a structured and process-oriented approach, the goal is to facilitate your personal transformation, empowering you on a journey toward self-actualization and growth.


I offer supervision, coaching, consulting, and client case support specifically tailored for therapists, counselors, and mental health professionals. Utilizing the Bodynamic system of Somatic Developmental Psychology, I provide guidance and insight into the complexities of human behavior and emotional well-being. This approach emphasizes body awareness, psychological exploration, and the integration of mind and body, allowing professionals to deepen their understanding and enhance their skills. Whether you are seeking to refine your therapeutic techniques or explore new strategies for client growth and transformation, I am here to support you in your professional journey, fostering a greater impact in your practice.

Personal Sessions

The way we relate to others, and ourselves is coded early in the developmental process. Our deepest sense of who we are, and how we navigate relationships is largely developed before we can speak. It is for this reason that talk therapy often has limited success and why the somatic approach is more effective at facilitating change.

The fundamental challenge in relationships boils down to: can I be all of me, and can you be all of you, and can we still be in contact? Or do I need to give up a part of myself to maintain the connection, or perhaps do I have to hold a part of myself back, or even give up the relationship to maintain dignity? We each navigated these dilemmas differently, forming unique patterns. Understanding and working with these patterns unlocks new potential for learning and growth.

I can work with most common mental health issues. Below are some areas in which I have expertise:

  • Identity crises
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Anxiety issues
  • Emotional Dysregulation
  • Midlife crises
  • Self image issues
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Attachment issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Eating Disorders
  • Self-Esteem & Self-Worth issues
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Meaninglessness, Purposelessness
  • Depression, Despair, Distrust
  • Spiritual Experience Integration
  • Psychedelic Experience Integration
  • Self-Sacrificing
  • Feeling like a Victim
  • Gender Identity issues
  • Performance coaching in extreme sports for professional athletes
  • Post-win/success depression
  • Personal Bodynamic Bodymap Interpretation

I offer sessions in person (located in Edmonton, Canada) and online via Zoom. While much can be accomplished online, certain issues are best addressed in person for the most effective results.


Supervision is primarily tailored for practitioners and students in somatic or developmental psychology. Ideally, participants should have some formal training in the Bodynamic system.

  • Client Case Support
  • Support for Challenging Clients suffering from Shock, Developmental Trauma & Complex PTSD
  • Coaching on Bodynamic Models
  • Structured & Supervised Bodynamic practice sessions with colleagues
  • Bodynamic Bodymap Interpretation for your clients
  • Coaching can be 1-on-1 or with small groups

I create PowerPoint presentations specifically tailored for coaching, ensuring you grasp the concepts thoroughly. If you’re intrigued by somatic or developmental psychology and the Bodynamic approach, but lack formal training, I can provide you with examples on how this approach could be used with your clients. Not only will I share all materials presented, but every session will also be recorded and made available for lifetime access on Vimeo. You can choose between in-person or online sessions via Zoom. Opting for in-person sessions offers the added benefit of hands-on practice with exercises.

Bodynamic Bodymap Interpretation

Curious about how your childhood development impacted your psychology and is coded in your body? Wondering if you have blind spots or perhaps skills you may be under utilizing? Feeling stuck in a particular behavior pattern and no method you try is working?

Available for personal and professional purposes Bodymap interpretations open up an empirical approach to creating unique strategies for self-development and highly specialized therapeutic plans for your clients.

*Note: You will need to obtain your Bodymap from a certified Bodynamic Bodymapper. I do not provide this service.

Jonathan Zerbin, Your Somatic Coach: Explore Developmental Psychology

I am a somatic psychology coach and trainer based in Edmonton, Canada. I mentor professionals worldwide in somatic developmental psychology. Simultaneously, I lead a clean tech energy research company and thrive in guiding a team of talented engineers. In my downtime you can find me kiteboarding in the Turks and Caicos islands.

My journey in Somatic Developmental Psychology began in 2014 with my first Bodynamic therapy session. That single session changed my life, resolving the majority of the social anxiety I had suffered from since an early age. The transformation I experienced was beyond words, as it directly addressed early developmental attachment trauma. Since then I have dedicated my life to bringing this work to the rest of the world.

I believe there is a possibility for a paradigm shift when it comes to understanding and working with Mental Health. Lifelong issues with anxiety, depression, self-worth can be resolved through powerful new therapeutic techniques by building somatic resources in the context of properly attuned relationships. Here I work with a global team and contribute by developing educational materials, training, coordinating, marketing, community building and I would be happy to support you on your journey as your somatic coach.


Specialized Areas of Training

  • Years in the field:
    • Training in Somatic Psychology since 2014
    • Supervising Students since 2016
  • Somatic Developmental Psychology through Bodynamics
    • Foundation
    • Practitioner
    • Shock Trauma
    • Developmental Trauma
    • Shame
  • Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP)
  • Systems Centered Training (SCT)
  • System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction (SAVI)
  • Imago Relationship Therapy
  • Musgatova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI)
  • Certified in Coaching through Certified Coaches Federation (CCF)

*Note: In my practice I used the Bodynamic approach approximately 95% of the time.

Primary sources of influence on my work:

  • Bodynamics: Ditte Marcher, Lisbeth Marcher, Anne & Joel Isaacs, Michael Rupp
  • SCT, Group & Communication Psychology – Yvonne Agazarian
  • Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) – Jon Frederickson
  • Spirituality & Metaphysics (Individuality & Ego Aspects) – The Seth Material
  • Integral Somatic Psychology (work on embodiment & emotions) – Raja Selvam
  • Others: Attachment Theory, Object Relations Theory, Psychodynamics, Aspect Psychology

Related Professional Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assistant Trainer in the Bodynamic System
  • Board Member of Bodynamic International (BI)
  • Co-founder and Board Member of Association of Bodynamic Psychology (ABP)
  • Administrator of Bodynamic Community Forum, and avid contributor
  • Develop educational materials for Bodynamic Trainings; PowerPoints and writings
  • Creator of and
  • Develop marketing materials, brochures, posters, and newsletters (BI and ABP)
  • Create the backend of online e-courses and provide technical support (BI)

Frequently Asked Questions

For personal sessions is this coaching or therapy? What’s the difference?

My practice integrates elements of both coaching and traditional therapy. I employ a resource skills-based approach centered on psycho-somatic principles. To clients, this often feels akin to a coaching session, emphasizing the active acquisition of new sense-based psychological skills.

However, the approach leans towards traditional therapy when clients encounter challenging emotions. This happens through a process of resonating and mirroring. Regardless of our awareness, emotions are the driving force behind our actions. By enhancing our emotional capacity, we can lead a more vibrant and empowered daily life. The primary strategy used in the session hinges on the specific issue you wish to address at any given moment.

What makes the Bodynamic methods different than say CBT?

Many believe that therapy involves sharing personal stories, expressing vulnerable emotions, and perhaps venting, with the therapist offering alternative viewpoints and potential solutions. Indeed, this is the format of most traditional therapy.

However, this approach diverges significantly. Here, the narrative holds minimal weight. Instead, the emphasis is on tapping into the body as a valuable resource and cultivating new psychological skills through specific exercises. These exercises address gaps from our childhood where essential developmental skills were missed in the relational dynamic. Often, these gaps remain outside our conscious awareness, yet they harbor immense potential for transformative change.

As this is a developmental psychological approach, is this not regressive work?

Usually not. While the developmental story guides our approach, the majority of our work centers on the present moment, drawing from examples and situations in one’s current life. Addressing past experiences is occasionally vital, but it’s a focus only a fraction of the time.

The idea of therapy makes me uncomfortable, I don’t want to feel vulnerable.

Vulnerability comes in two forms: weak vulnerability, where you might feel exposed or broken, and strong vulnerability, characterized by dignity and integrity. Experiencing weak vulnerability doesn’t benefit the therapeutic process. The ideal therapy journey should feel empowering and uphold your dignity throughout.

If the mere thought of confronting emotions is daunting, there’s no need to dive deep immediately. You’re not expected or obligated to feel a certain way. The aim is to operate within your zone of proximal development, gently stretching its limits without overstepping them.

Can I do both personal and professional sessions?

To maintain professional boundaries, it’s not advisable to mix roles. However, one approach could be to engage in personal sessions for a set period, followed by a break, and then transition to professional sessions.

What mental health issues do you not work with?

Please be aware that I do not handle interventions restricted by the province of Alberta, including major or severe mental health conditions such as severe depression, disabling anxiety, substance-induced psychosis, acute withdrawal, schizophrenia or major personality disorders such as borderline. Additionally, I do not provide immediate crisis intervention. I appreciate your understanding.


See what people have to say

Nikki Zekas

Somatic Movement Therapist

Highly recommend his work!

I have been doing coaching with Jonathan for the past couple of years while attending the Bodynamics practitioner training. Jonathan has been an integral part of deepening my understanding in such a complex system. He is patient and supportive. He has a gift of explaining things clearly and supports it with visual PowerPoint presentations, that helped me to grasp the material. I have gone from feeling, overwhelmed with the huge amount of the information – to feeling like I can do this! So grateful to Jonathan for his expertise!

Kate Nielsen

Registered Psychologist

Insightful Coaching Expertise

I am very grateful for having met and connected with Jonathan for coaching. He is easy to talk to and has a natural ability to explain and connect concepts. His PowerPoint presentations have helped me integrate, deepen, and advance my knowledge about Bodynamics.   

Richard Klein

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Jonathan: Knowledge Meets Attunement

I have been working with Jonathan for three months, and I would highly recommend his work to anyone who has a sense that some aspect of their disruptive past is held in their body. His knowledge is encyclopedic, and combines with a capacity to attune to client needs and anticipate the organic movement that happens within a session.

Catharina Vedrine

Bodynamic Student

Deep insights conveyed with clarity

I find that Jonathan has an impressive understanding of the human being and shares his insights in a remarkably clear and concise way. His interpretation of my Bodymap has given me invaluable guidance on how I can reach my personal goals. And as a Bodynamic practitioner student with no previous experience with clients, Jonathan’s methodical coaching really helps me put the theory into practice and gain confidence. I highly recommend his services.

Michelle Binnie

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Clarity, Depth, Transformative Insight

Jonathan’s overview and in-depth understanding of the Bodynamic Model have helped me see my clients more clearly and often unblocked aspects of my own understanding of a client. His input is concise, non-judgemental and very detailed. I always leave our sessions with lots of new ideas and excellent resources. I would describe Jonathan as someone who can see the big picture as well as the details at the same time.

Application and Pricing

In order to to maximize impact with the time I have, there is an application process to working with me. I only accept applications for both personal and professional sessions for individuals studying or working in related fields that are likely to use this knowledge and experience to benefit and impact others in a meaningful way. Examples of related work areas:

  • Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Counsellors
  • Psychologists
  • Wellness Practitioners
  • Bodywork Professionals
  • Prospective Bodynamic Students
  • Group Facilitators in Mental Health
  • Educators in the Field of Psychology
  • Social Workers
  • Psychiatrists
Personal Sessions

Embark upon personal development and transformation.


CAD / Hour

Learn new psychological skills

Live a life with meaning and purpose

Deepen your relationships

Gain confidence & empowerment

Supervision Sessions

Enhance your practice and better support your clients.


CAD / Hour

Gain deeper understanding of clients core issues

Learn new therapeutic models & methods

Increase time efficiency for supporting client change

Get support for difficult clients

Gain strategies to work with transference and counter-transference issues

Sessions generally last between one to two hours. After the initial hour, charges are applied in 15-minute increments. Discounts are available to students currently enrolled in a Bodynamic training.

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